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Pukaar News is a leading independent agency based in the heart of the Midlands, providing high-quality news footage for established television channels including the BBC and ITV. Pukaar News covers local and international news, engaging with human interest community stories alongside current affairs involving political, cultural and social issues of global significance. Pukaar News produces online news via which has a growing internet presence, reaching 500,000 hits per month, as well as distributing coverage to worldwide media outlets, such as stations across Europe and Pakistan.

Pukaar News launched Pukaar Magazine in January 2012, a quarterly publication that celebrates the cultural diversity of Leicester. The glossy magazine has regular features including updates on exciting things happening in the city, as well as stimulating interviews and features. Their high-profile cover stars have ranged from sporting heroes to Hollywood actors, all with a local background and links to Leicester. The magazine contains sections on Culture, Fashion, Travel, News and Sport, and appeals to a wide readership of working professionals within the local community.

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