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Bomb Disposal Team Called after Workmen Find Suspicious Object

Police were called today when workmen working on a site on Barkby Road, Leicester unearthed a suspicious object.


The area was evacuated and the surrounding streets cordoned off by police.


Bomb disposal experts were called, but gave the all clear.


The object was found on the site of a company called Aristocrate, specialists from Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) found it be a harmless ammunition shell.


Sargent Nick Davies from Leicestershire Police said, “we got a call just after 9am this morning from the builders that are working on the site, one of there JCB whilst removing some soil recovered something that certainly looked like an old world war two artillery shell”


“we had a look at it, it certainly looked like an old world war two artillery shell, because of that we then evacuated the buildings near by and put a road closure up until the EOD arrived”


“they confirmed that it does look like a world war two shell, but its empty so its a perfectly safe lump of metal and now they have removed it”.


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