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Breath Test Pilot Launched at Bars and Clubs in Loughborough

Revelers out in Loughborough will be breathalysed as a condition of entry into five bars and clubs in the town centre, as part of a crackdown on binge drinking.


Door staff will be able to make an informed decision as to whether that person should be allowed entry based on the amount of alcohol already in their body.



The pilot was launched on Friday 19 September and runs until Monday 3 November. Leicestershire Police and Charnwood Borough Council have supplied each of the premises with breath test equipment and training.  The equipment used is the same as that used in traffic stops and measures the amount of alcohol in the breath.


PC Mike Green, who is the Lead Officer for the breath test pilot said, “The door staff will operate the equipment, they will do there normal job, every person who approaches the door is already assessed by them as to whether or not they are fit to enter, this is just an extra tool”


“If we stop someone from entering a venue because they are already drunk, hopefully that stops them getting even more drunk, somebody who is stopped earlier in the night is probably going to be easier to deal with than they are later on”


“we are going to review it at the end of the pilot period, we are going speak with the venues involved, speak with the staff who are doing the test, we are going to speak to the customers and the general public to get a feel for what everyone thinks about, we’re also going to look at the crime data see if there has been a further reduction, there may not be, but we will review all of the information together and make some decisions after that”.


Charnwood Borough Councillor David Snartt, who is Chairman of the Charnwood Community Safety Partnership, said: “we have got quite a big night time economy because of the University, and we have quite a lot of young people not to say they cause the problems, but it does give me an indication of whats going on and also I think it says that we are looking at health issues as well”


The premises taking part are;


Amber Rooms, The Rushes, Loughborough


Revolution, Baxter Gate, Loughborough


Mansion, Baxter Gate, Loughborough


Echoes, Biggin Street, Loughborough


Loughborough Students’ Union, Ashby Road, Loughborough

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