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A CALENDAR featuring work by Syston’s mysterious ‘Knitting Banxy’ has raised over £2,000 for two charities in the town.

The Syston resident, whose identity remains anonymous, has created dozens of knitted post-box toppers since 2019, much to the delight of local residents and the wider public.

Some of her creations have even gone viral, with Stephen Graham even giving a thumbs up to his knitted tribute when it appeared in Ibstock last year.

Now a calendar of the so called ‘Syston Knitting Banxy’s’ best loved designs has been sold, raising £2,300 for two caused in the area; the Syston and District Volunteer Centre and the local Age Concern.

Picture: Fiona Henry

The calendar was produced by Fiona Henry, editor of the local Syston Town News, who gave her time and effort to the project for free.

“We made an annoucement for pre-orders back in October and all 500 sold out pretty quickly,” she revealed.

“It was hard work trying to keep up but also a great privilege to be involved!

“Over the years, I’ve kind of become the voice of SKB (Syston Knitting Banxy) as she doesn’t want to be recognised,” she added. “That’s not why she does it.

“She does it to put a smile on people’s faces, and she certainly does that.”

SKB’s Calendars have been sent far and wide since they came out in January; gracing countries like Canada, America and Australia.

Her latest creation, which popped up in the town on Monday (February 21), is a tribute to GB’s women’s curling team who won a gold medal for their efforts on Sunday at the Winter Olympics (pictured below).

Picture: Syston Town News

“Her work is amazing and has kind of become part of the fabric of Syston,” Ms Henry told the Leicester Times.

“I think if she stopped people would definitely miss it, but luckily I don’t think she has any plans to stop any time soon,” she added.

“We need things like this in the world to make us smile, and we’re very lucky to have SKB here in Syston, always ready to surprise us with something new and wonderful!”

To find out more about the Syston Knitting Banxy, visit the Facebook page at:

Louise Steel

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