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Family Visits Ruins of Leicester Factory Fire

A family run printing business ‘Service Press’, visit the remains of the building that caught fire on Ross Walk in Leicester on the 28th of December at around 2.15pm.


The Blaze which had spread from a connected building caused vast amounts of damage, destroying various businesses in its wake and took over two days to be completely put out by a team of around 70 fire fighters overall.

The smoke plume could be seen for miles around causing surrounding roads to be cordoned off and hundreds of people to be evacuated from their homes.

Losing their printing machinery, the Hill family visited the site to see the full extent of the damage caused.

The fire was so intense that it had warped the giant metal printing presses, one of which they had purchased only five years ago and had been their lifeline throughout the recession.

Sarah Hill, a member of the family who own the printing business said: “Everything has gone, we’ve lost everything for the business, it’s just rubble, we have nothing. Initially you feel like your knocked down and that’s it, you can’t go on and you can’t recover from this.”

Sarah went on to say: “But coming together with family and friends and local businesses around Leicester, printing companies, we’re looking at this as an opportunity, and we want to rebuild our business and we want to come out of this stronger than what we were before.”

Starting in 1981 and originally running out of a small terraced house, the business moved into the building twenty years ago, supplying printed media to various clients.

They are continuing to fulfil orders with the help of other partner firms, and are urging clients not to worry as it is still business as usual, they hope to be back to normal in the coming weeks when they find a new premises.


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