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Gary Newby currently works as a News Editor at ITV News Central.

At the channel, he is passionate about helping to drive diversity, something which is designed to reflect the vibrant and varied community of the Midlands, which it represents.

Picture: Pukaar News

Mr Newby realised that he wanted to be a journalist at the age of 14, whilst he was a studying at Longslade Community College, in Birstall.

It was in 1981, during the IRA bombings, when the teenage Gary had a ‘political awakening’, and realised that he wanted to be involved in the news industry, and part of the process to inform.

His career in journalism began shortly after leaving school, when he was given his ‘big break’ and taken on as a trainee reporter at a weekly newspaper in Leicester.

He cites the guidance and mentorship of the editor at the time, the late Roger Bushby, as having a big influence on his career going forward – someone who taught him the value of hard work and perseverance, which are essential skills for any journalist.

After gaining this experience, Mr Newby then moved on to work at an independent news agency based in the East Midlands, before going on to join ITV in 2001.

Initially, he started out working on crime and court stories for the channel, before training as a producer, and then onto his current role of News Editor for ITV News Central, which runs on weekdays from 6pm.

As well as his role as New Editor, Gary chairs two quarterly forums, for the East Midlands and the West Midlands, linking representatives of religious, cultural and other groups with newsroom colleagues.

The forums help to promote inclusivity and diversity in the newsroom and to foster positive relationships with local communities.

Gary has also worked with management colleagues and others to ensure the newsroom team is representative of the communities its serve.

He lives near Leicester and is a regular contributor to Pukaar magazine, which celebrates the city’s diverse culture and heritage, something which he is passionate about. He also supports the city’s annual Curry Awards.

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