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Hot crossed buns will be handed out in Leicester’s Jubilee Square this Good Friday, to remind people about the importance of the day, which is one of the most important occasions of the year for Christians.

The Right Reverend Martyn Snow, bishop of Leicester, met with Pukaar News to explain the significance of Good Friday, ahead of the day (April 15), which sees Christians remember the death of Jesus Christ almost 2,000 years ago.

“I think this year in particular, as it has been for the past few, the question of suffering within this world has been huge; through the pandemic, through the war that we’re seeing in Ukraine at the minute, and the famine in the horn of Africa, there is real suffering going on in all sorts of places throughout the world, and the message of Easter really is that God has not stood apart from all of that, but actually that God came to be with us in that suffering”, he explained.

“Jesus going to the cross is a sign of God being with us in suffering, but also that it’s not the final word.

“There is the possibility of hope and Easter Sunday morning reminds us that God can transform that suffering and bring us new life”, he added.

For many years, an event called ‘Leicester at the Cross’ has taken place at the city’s Christ in the Centre, with a dramatic recreation of Christ’s passion, trial, crucifixion and resurrection reenacted in front of thousands.

However, it has been cancelled for the past two years, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This year we decided we weren’t quite ready to go back to the big event in the centre of Leicester, so we’re doing something a little more low key in Jubilee Square,” revealed Bishop Snow.

“We’re going to be handing out hot crossed buns to people as they’re going about their shopping, and just talking about the meaning of Good Friday and Easter – the reason for the cross on hot crossed buns.

“In future we hope we may be able to go back to the big events, but we’ll have to see”, he added.

Good Friday is followed by Easter Sunday on the Christian calendar (April 17), the day which celebrates Jesus being raised from the dead.

“Although it happened almost 2,000 years ago, we believe that it has continuous significance for us, in terms of our own relationship with God”, said Bishop Snow.

“Basically it opens up for us the possibility of a relationship with God, so it’s hugely important for us.”

Bishop Snow and other members of the the Diocese of Leicester, will be in Jubilee Square from 10am on Friday.

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