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Indian Summer Festival Returns to City for 5th Year

The annual ‘An Indian Summer Festival’ will be returning to Leicester in June for its 5th year.


The festival attracts hundreds of people from all over the country, and brings an essence of India to the heart of Leicester, offering an infusion of traditional dance, food and music.



Starting back in 2011 the festival has grown from a 2 day event at Leicester’s Phoenix Arts Centre to a 10 day festival taking over the whole of the city.


“An Indian summer is a culture and arts festival that celebrates everything from cooking, music, dance, sports, you name it, we have it here”, explains Project Manager, Jiten Anand who started the festival with his Brother Bipin.


Over 80 workshops will be taking place, “We’ve got lots of exciting things happening for family and for friends, there is the infamous Holly dance where everyone can get involved, lots of colour and splash, we also have the workshops for young people as well, so toddlers can pop along, its the Indian Summer that everyone knows, everyone loves but this time its bigger, its better, and if you have got to be there, or your going to miss out on one best festivals of summer.”


“Its been a really long run over these last five years, and since 2011 we have always dreamt of a festival like this”


“We are really trying to get with the community and take over Leicester”


An Indian Summer Festival runs from 19 – 28 June, go to for more information.


Music: Brazil Samba –


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