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The story of a Leicester girl who had her leg amputated after being hit by a taxi in New York, has been made into a new and inspiring film, which is set to premiere in the city next month.

Sian Green was a 2nd year student at De Montfort University when the life-changing incident happened back in 2013. The then 23-year-old, was holidaying in Manhattan, New York when a taxi mounted the curb and hit her. 

A celebrity doctor and quick thinking plumber saved her life. However her leg had to be amputated as a result of the incident, changing the course of her life forever. 

A film about the incident, entitled ‘No Fare’, has been made by Leicester production company ‘Spoon Jar Films. It is set to premiere at the city’s Phoenix Cinema next month.

Picture: No Fare

The film has been described by Midlands Movies, as a “personal story of tragedy, courage and hope set against the machinations of the American justice and legal system”.   

Sian told Pukaar News that she hoped it would inspire people to ‘never give up’ when they were hit by tragedy and hard times.

“Bad things happen but it doesn’t have to be the end of your life. I want people to come away with that message and also feeling strong and empowered”, she said.

“The first year after the incident happened, I must admit that things were tough. My whole life changed in an instant and everything was stacked against me to become a ball of depression. However, I pushed through and have been forced to adapt.

“My limb loss was a product of somebody’s road rage, but it’s also been a product of strength and determination as well”.

‘No Fare’ has been in production since 2015 with the majority of scenes being filmed in Leicester. However, Sian flew over to New York with director Matt Holt and producer Wayne Kelly to film key scenes.

Although she is yet to see the full edit, Sian describes the first half of the film as “extremely emotional”.

She said she was anxious to watch the film in full alongside audiences at the Phoenix premiere on Friday, July 15.

“Although I’ve moved on with my life, I know it’s going to be a hard watch in places”, she said.

“Making the film was actually quite therapeutic, but I’m expecting to feel a lot of different emotions on the night. I’ve not watched the film in full, so I’ll be there riding the emotions alongside everybody else”, she revealed.

“It was important to me that I wasn’t presented as a victim in the film, and I’m really proud of the way that comes across. I trusted Matt and Wayne to do a good job, and from what I’ve seen, that’s exactly what they’ve done”.

When asked what audiences can expect from the 70 minute film, director Matt Holt said: “It’s a real life affirming film, which you won’t be able to watch without being touched in some way. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll come away feeling uplifted.

Picture: Sian Green with Matt Holt and Wayne Kelly

“This is a home grown film – a real underdog story and that’s what Leicester does best. Sian went away for the dream trip of a lifetime, but it ended up being a really hellish experience”, he continued.

“Despite what she had taken from her, she had that fighting spirit and that will to overcome her challenges.

“As for the film, Leicester has really gotten behind it. The premiere has almost sold out”, he revealed.

“We’ve had interest from people in New York who are interested in showing it, so things can only go onwards and upwards”.

‘No Fare’, the Sian Green Story, will premiere at the Phoenix on Friday, July 15 and will be followed by a Question and Answer session with Sian, Matt and Wayne.

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