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FIVE new interactive displays will allow visitors to ‘Meet the Dinosaurs’ next month at Leicester’s flagship museum.

Image provided by Leicester City Council

Due to be unveiled next month is a fresh new look for the dinosaur gallery at Leicester Museum and Art Gallery, on New Walk, which will see five new interactive displays installed at the popular attraction.

An augmented reality experience is also set to fascinate children and dinosaur lovers alike, by putting flesh on the bones of the fossils on show, including the Rutland Dinosaur – the museum’s 168-million-year-old cetiosaurus.

A mobile app will allow visitors to interact with the dinosaurs and even ‘take’ a dinosaur home with them.

Last updated in 2011, the gallery is being given a boost thanks to funding secured by Arts Council England (ACE).

“Tourism is a vital part of the city’s economy, bringing in millions of pounds every year, and Leicester’s museums are undoubtedly amongst our most popular visitor attractions,” said cllr Piara Singh Clair, deputy city mayor.

“It’s therefore important that we continue to find ways to invest in our museums, keeping them relevant, informative, entertaining and accessible for all of our visitors – especially the hundreds of thousands of people who live in Leicester and support our museums throughout the year.

“These proposals will help ensure that there’s always something new to discover at our museums, and provide new ways for people to access and enjoy the extraordinary items in our collections.”

Longer-term ideas for Leicester’s flagship museum – which are yet to be costed – include relocating the café and shop to a new site at the front of the building, so it can be enjoyed even when the museum is closed, and commissioning a new gallery with a climate change focus on the first floor.

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