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Jalsa Salana 2012 Celebrated by Thousands of Ahmadiyya Muslims

Thousands of Ahmadiyya Muslims from around the world held their 46th annual convention in Hampshire over the weekend.


The event in Alton is Britain’s largest Islamic gathering, with representatives from 50 countries attending.


The three day celebration called Jalsa Salana is an opportunity to celebrate Islam and spread the message of peace.


Every year, more than thirty thousand people converge on the site in Alton, to listen to  the worldwide head of the Ahmadiya Muslim Community, His Holiness Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad.


Over two and a half thousand volunteers of all ages help to run the event, which includes feeding tens of thousands of people.  All the food is cooked on site in makeshift kitchens.


Organising a convention on this scale takes a lot of planning and preparations for next year’s gathering are already underway.



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