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King G Mall Presents ‘CHRISTMAS AAHIA’ Christmas is here

King G Mall is set to make a return to his record breaking habits this Christmas with a new song ‘Christmas Aahia’ translated as ‘Christmas is here’ with the aim to raise money and awareness for the victims of the Pakistan floods. The song which will feature artists from around the globe from Canada to Pakistan is set to be the first to have a video filmed in four different countries namely Canada, Holland, U.K, and India.


King G, otherwise known as Gurcharan Mall is no stranger to the realms of record breaking, being included in the book of records for the largest assembled gathering of dhol players not once but twice, beating his own record. Earlier this year King G released a song featuring Anita Lerche, Skibu, and Yaz Alexander to name but some of the talented artists on display, entitled ‘Aao Ji’ which received a massive amount of attention online and is still growing with over two hundred and fifty thousand hits. The song was the first to be filmed in three different countries and the first bhangra song to feature collaborations with both Asian and non Asian artists.


‘Christmas Aahia’ looks set to continue the trend of pushing new boundaries, and invoke the sense of global community that ‘Aao Ji’ helped create. King G in an exclusive interview with ‘Pukaar News’ has stated that the idea for ‘Christmas Aahia’ “Came together beautifully.” It is also another historic first in that it is the first Christian Christmas song to be performed by the Asian Community and sung in both English and Punjabi.


Among the artists performing on the song are, Naomi Zaman former Miss Pakistan World Champion 2005 and solo artist. (Canada) Arianne (Holland) Sam, vocalist, lyricist and guitarist from soul rock band Akash (Pakistan) writer, composer and singer Sahib Sekhon (India) established singer Naeem John – Leicester (UK) 12 year old upcoming singer and performer Nish (London) and 20 year old singer Sana Parvez all combining in the mix of both established and upcoming artists featured in the song.


In a pioneering move ‘Pukaar News’ will be aiding in the filming of the video for ‘Christmas Aahia’ in its first music video production, which is due for release in the first week of December.



CD and DVD formats will be available.

All Proceeds from the song are going to the Pakistan Flood Appeal.

For more information call Gurcharan Mall on: 07721 400 422

Or email:



Alternatively you can contact ‘Pukaar News’ on: 0845 500 50 52

Or email:

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