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Leicester Celebrates its 30th Caribbean Carnival

The Leicester Caribbean Carnival celebrated it’s 30th birthday today, with an estimated 80 thousand people turning up and enjoying the festivities.



Following last years rainy carnival, this year the people of Leicester were treated to a spectacle of colour and modern dance, with a Native American theme and were lucky with only a very slight down pour, which meant for a great turn out.


Starting in Victoria Park the procession entertained the public with their vibrancy and talent, cutting through the streets of Leicester City centre and coming to an end right where they started in Victoria Park.


Chair of the Leicester Caribbean Carnival, Dennis ‘Sugar’ Christopher said, “Thirty years of celebration is very important to us, we still have a long way to go and we will make it on the journey, we will overcome, and make things happen”.


In response to being asked about the new charges to enter the park he answered “It’s not for wages or for any one. It’s just to keep the carnival going, it’s a community thing and I intend to hand it over to youngsters in the future in the right manner, to make sure it’s successful”.


Councillor Ted Cassidy attendended the event and stated, “Always come out to the Caribbean carnival, go onto Victoria Park and see the fantastic dancers and floats. This is an important part of our heritage and our future so I hope that we can support them for as long as they wish to be”.


Some of the visitors who turned out to watch the Carnival said, “I think it’s really good, it’s very lively, represents all cultures and it brings the whole of Leicester together”.


“I love it, we always come every year it’s our favourite day of the year, because Leicester is at it’s best on Carnival day”.

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