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If anyone was to ask any respectable Leicester City Football fans a few years ago if they would have envisioned where the team  are now standing, their response would have simply been: never.

The foxes spent many years battling it out in the championships in order to earn a place in the prestigious Premier League.

In 2014 Leicester turned it around, producing one of the greatest come-backs in Premier League history by beating Manchester United 5-3 at the King Power Stadium and becoming the first team to beat United from a two- goal deficit since the leagues launch in 1992.

The team’s success then took a dismal slip last season, with them finishing 14th with 41 points, luckily escaping relegation.

This season the team are now on course for their top flight league title in their 132 year history.

Distant dreams for Leicester City to win the Premier League are now becoming an ever closer reality for both the team and supportive fans, including the growing fans in Thailand who have always loved English Football, but once never had a clue about Leicester City.


Photo credit: Pukaar news
Thai supporters in Bangkok. Photo credit: Pukaar news

The club owners, King Power, have done an outstanding job of raising Leicester’s profile who were once unknown to the locals, but now in Bangkok’s busy international airport, football merchandise can be seen and bought all over.

Leicester City shirts have become like gold-dust.

Pukaar News flew to the capital to get a feel for the clubs international support system.

The growing fan base in Thailand has bought an exciting spectacle to the match-days at the King Power headquarters.

Hundreds of avid Leicester supporters came together in Bangkok to enjoy Sunday’s game, which bought together local and international people, including the club owner’s son Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha.

Local supporters including Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha Photo credit: Pukaar news
Local supporters including Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha (Centre) Photo credit: Pukaar news

From Bangkok to the heart of the excitement in Leicester, where the elated atmosphere continues to fill the city and yesterday’s match just added to that, as the team beat Swansea 4-0 at the King Power stadium without striker, Jamie Vardy.

This win now leaves Leicester needing a maximum of 5 points from their final three games to secure the title.

A proud supporter and season ticket holder described the game yesterday as being like a ‘fairy-tale’ and said: “It was just an incredible atmosphere, nothing like I’ve experienced at any other game- and now anything can happen.”


Photo credit: Pukaar news
Thai Supporters in Bangkok. Photo credit: Pukaar news

Adding to the growing success of Leicester City and just hours after the game, the team’s winger Riyad Mahrez won the Professional Footballer’s Association Player of the Year award (PFA) at the Grosvenor Hotel in London.

A well deserving winner, Mahrez has scored 17 goals and made 11 assists in 34 league games for the Leicester, which has helped bring them closer to title.

British supporters in Bangkok. Photo credit: Pukaar news
British supporters in Bangkok. Photo credit: Pukaar news

Leicester was once marked as being a small, unfashionable team in the Midlands and destined for failure by many; no-one could have predicted the team’s victory this season by storming the Premier League and if they do go on to winning the title like many of us hope, it will be one of the most captivating British sports stories in years.

We wish Leicester City the best of luck for their final 3 games.

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