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Leicester Hospitals Launch Recruitment Drive for more Nurses

Leicester Hospitals launched its recruitment drive at Leicester Royal Infirmary on Saturday 24th of January. An open day was held in order to attract registered nurses and operating practitioners into the Leicester Royal Infirmary and the University Hospitals of Leicester.




In a bid to attract more health specialists, Leicester’s Hospitals encouraged prospective staff to look around the premises and gain an understanding of the different opportunities on offer. Interviews were also on offer to help fill vacancies.


Phil Walmsley of Leicester Hospitals explains: “We’ve got the whole of theaters open, we’ve got people coming in to have a look around, see what they think of theatres and try and show them the kind of opportunities that theatres offer.”


Prospective staff had the opportunity to explore the theaters, take part in simulation exercises, and participate in difficult airway workshops. Experienced theater practitioners were also on hand at the open day, as were the Education Team who were able to discuss training and development at Leicester’s Hospitals for prospective staff members.


He speaks of their struggle to employ people with suitable qualifications, and their venture to display Leicester’s wide range of specialised work.


“We do have an issue of getting hold of the right qualified staff, particularly in specialised departments like theatres, but the Leicester Royal Infirmary and the University Hospitals of Leicester is a very big environment, it does lots of specialised work, so is actually very attractive. And today is very much about selling that to people who may not know how big and exciting the work here in theatres is.”


The open day attracted people from around the country. Nurse Holli Rafferty is from Cardiff but looking to move to the local area.


“I knew there was an open day today so I’ve popped along. I’ve never actually been to Leicester before but I was actually considering coming to university here.”


She, and many others were keen to explore Leicester Royal Infirmary and Leicester’s Hospitals.

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