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Leicester MP Undertakes his Second Ramadan Fasting

John AshworthWith Ramadan currently being observed across the city since 10 July, Labour MP for Leicester South, Jon Ashworth will be repeating his fasting experience from last year and undertaking the fast on Wednesday 24 July.


Jon wanted to experience the observance again stating “Ramadan is such an important time for so many families across Leicester. I want to show my support to the local community, but more than that, I want to experience Ramadan for myself again.”


Having embarked upon his first fast in 2012, Jon said at the time “I think it’s important that I, as an MP who represents such a diverse community, get to really understand some of the experiences that members of that community go through.” After his initial fast Jon appreciated the united experience and spoke about his delight at feeling a sense of solidarity which the Muslim community had shared.


The day of his fast will see Jon starting the morning at the home of Mr Gulam, the Secretary General of the Masjid Umar Mosque. Here, Jon will begin his day at 1.13am with Sehri, the morning meal, and will then continue his day as usual working from his Constituency office. Later on in the evening, Jon will break his fast with dates and water at Iftar, which he will attend at Masjid Al Falah on Keythorpe Street.


Having gained a wealth of experience and spiritual knowledge from his last undertaking, and looking towards this year’s fasting, Jon continued “Ramadan is such an important time for so many families across Leicester. I’m really looking forward to the whole experience. I know this year’s fast will reinforce everything that I took away from last year.”




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