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Leicester named Centenary City

Leicester has been named as one of the cities to become a ‘Centenary City’ next year, ahead of the 100 year anniversary of women having the right to vote.

The city has been chosen because 0f its connection to the suffrage movement, with Alice Hawkins who was the leader of the Leicester branch, described as a “local hero” by the Department of Education.

The seven cities will share £1.2 million to fund special projects to mark 100 years since women were allowed to vote.


Councillor Adam Clarke, said;

“We’re going to receive £199,500 from the government for which we are  incredibly grateful for.

“What that means is we’ll be able to put on a range of events across the city, from museum exhibitions to school workshops and activities to large scale events in our city centre, which will be deserving of what those suffragettes did 100 years ago and will help tell the story today.”

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