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Leicester Schools Awarded in Anti-Bullying Week


Leicester City Council has recognised the hard work done to support anti-bullying in city schools by presenting the Anti-bullying Community (ABC) Awards to a number of schools at the Town Hall on Monday at the start of anti-bullying week across Leicestershire.


The award recognised that the schools have appropriate policies and practices in place to reduce the likelihood of bullying occurring, to record instances of bullying accurately and to deal swiftly and effectively with bullying, if and when it occurs.


The award was given after independent professionals visited the school, inspected their policies and procedures and, most crucially spoke with staff, parents, governors and students.


The eight schools awarded were Colemam Primary, Whitehall Primary, Parks Primary, Inglehurst Junior, Charnwood Primary, Knighton Fields Primary, Sandfeild Close Primary School, and Caldecote Primary in Braunstone.


The awards were presented by Assistant City Mayor, Cllr Vi Dempster, the city council’s anti-bullying champion, who said: “If children and young people are being bullied they’re not going to be able to learn so this is very important work.”

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