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Leicester won the match

Swedish city of Gothenburg was the focus for the interfaith dialogue and relations as three nations took part in a weekend of sharing and learning from each other. The weekend included seminar discussion, dialogue and visits to the worshiping places and interfaith communities of different religions in Gothenburg. A delegation of representatives of different faiths from Leicester led by Canon Rev. Dr. John Hall Director of St. Philip Centre went to Gotherburg where a similar delegation from Berlin Germany also joined in.


The highlight of the weekend was the three nation football tournament which Leicester won beating Berlin 3-2 on penalties. The event was organised by the Diocese of Gothenburg, Church of Sweden. The Bishop of Gothenburg and the Governor of the Region also attended the event and presented the trophy to the winning team and medals to the players.


The event was considered so successful that Berlin has invited the Leicester and Gothenburg to Berlin next year and has promised to make it five nations hoping to invite two more nations. It is great when the major religions of the world can come together and send out the positive message, of peace and harmony. Such events are so important that they can change the world.

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