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Leicester’s First Film Premiere Charms Crowds


Last night Leicester celebrated its first film premiere to masses of movie fans, in the heart of the city.


Jadoo, written and directed by the Belgrave-born Amit Gupta, was filmed largely in Leicester and Belgrave Road and wowed cinema enthusiasts with its heart-warming and funny tale of family and food.


The red carpet at Highcross’ Cinema De Lux welcomed Jadoo actors Kulvinder Ghir, star of Goodness Gracious Me, and Harish Patel from the 2007 film Run Fatboy Run, to join in with the celebrations.


Around 400 peoples turned up to last night’s premiere, telling Pukaar News, “The film was extremely good, very sentimental.” and “It was lovely seeing all the different sights as well, the recognisable places.”

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