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Leicester’s New King Richard III Visitor Centre Opens

Today saw the opening of the much anticipated King Richard III visitor centre in Leicester.  The £4million centre was opened this morning by Leicester City Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby, surrounded by a crowd of excited visitors and characters dressed in medieval costumes, knight on stilts, Jesters and the Leicester Town Crier.



The exhibition which is called Dynasty, Death and Discovery examines the King’s life and the myths surrounding him, as well as the archaeological dig which uncovered his remains in a Leicester car park two years ago.


The centre has already attracted global interest with people from around the world booking tickets online. Among the first visitors this morning were a family from Holland holidaying in the UK, speaking to Pukaar News she said “I came from Holland to see your English history, but this is, what we say in Holland, the top of the cake, its is the most interesting thing we’ve seen so far”


Another visitor from Spain said “I think it is very good and interesting, I had read in Spain that they had found this king in a car park, and I was very curious and it is very interesting, I really like it”


One lady from market Harborough was very impressed.


“I think its absolutely marvellous, really wonderful, obviously its the first time I’ve been, and I’m surprised its as lovely as it is and very well laid out I feel”


“you really don’t need to know anything about Richard III when you arrive here, the story is revealed to you, I am very pleased I’ve come”


About 1,000 tickets were sold for the official opening, with more available on the door.


The city council hopes the centre will attract 100,000 visitors a year.


The centre located on Peacock Lane, Leicester, is a Victorian Gothic building which has been completely renovated inside and out to provide two floors of exhibition space, a courtyard café, shop and meeting rooms.


Tickets for the King Richard III Visitor Centre have been on sale since Thursday 5th June from  Prices start at just £4.75 for a child’s ticket (three to 15 years), with adult tickets costing £7.95. Family tickets will give entry to two adults and two children for the discounted price of just £21.50.  A special rate of £7.00 per person will be available to groups of 15 or more. A concessionary rate of £7.00 will also be available.

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