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Leicestershire’s Lord Lieutenant Launches Covid-19 Fundraiser

The Always In Our Thoughts campaign has launched with the support of a number of high profile individuals. Leicestershire’s Lord Lieutenant, Mike Kapur OBE, and Chief Constable Simon Cole of Leicestershire Police have both backed the campaign that was designed to give the public a means of showing their support to front-line workers and remembering those that have been sadly lost as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The campaign is set to run across the month of March to mark the anniversary of the first UK lockdown on 23rd March 2020.

To show support for this cause, people can purchase a badge depicting a yellow flower, which symbolises peace and unity. This badge was designed in-house at Pukaar Group. All of the money that is raised from these purchases, which have a suggested price of £1, goes directly to two selected causes: The Care of Police Survivors (COPS) charity and the Leicestershire Children’s Hospital Appeal.

Launching the campaign itself was Lord Lieutenant of Leicestershire, Mike Kapur. He said: “As Patron of Leicester Children’s Hospital Appeal, I am thrilled that the Always in Our Thoughts campaign has chosen to support us Leicester Children’s Hospital Appeal. The difference this support will make to the lives of local children over the next five years will be felt by the communities of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland for a long time to come.

“Despite the appalling impact Covid-19 has had, and will continue to have on many peoples’ lives, the development of the East Midlands first ever dedicated children’s hospital, here in Leicester, is such an optimistic project to get behind. The NHS has never been more in the forefront of all our minds and I look forward to wearing my flower with pride.”

Romail Gulzar FRSA with Lord Lieutenant Mike Kapur OBE

Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police and Trustee of the Care of Police Survivors Charity, Simon Cole said: “Those who have been impacted by COVID are always in our thoughts. This campaign is a way of putting something back as we remember those that we have lost, those who have suffered and those who have served. My police colleagues have been at the forefront throughout. Care of Police Survivors (COPS) charity are trying to support the families of those from policing who have lost their lives, and as a Trustee I would like to thank the “Always in Our Thoughts” campaign for supporting COPS.”

The idea for the campaign all began with its founder Romail Gulzar of Pukaar Group. The feeling of helplessness and sorrow for the unnecessary loss of life over the past year gave Romail the drive to come up with a way in which to create change. Beginning as a small idea to raise a bit of money to help local charities, the idea quickly snowballed with many national groups seeing the potential and value of a campaign such as this. The support from the public and from the media, such as BBC East Midlands Today, has catapulted the Always In Our Thoughts campaign into the spotlight.

Romail said: “Covid-19 has affected millions of people worldwide. The UK experienced a huge impact which has been met with an incredible effort by our key workers. This has put people under huge stress. Many have lost their lives, many are suffering with the long-term effects of the virus, and many have been left alone after their loved ones were taken from them. People have lost jobs or a portion of their income after being furloughed. Yet they have often staunchly continued to work to help others – despite the risks to their own health and wellbeing.
“I wanted to find some way to encourage all of us to repay the kindness of these workers. The Always In Our Thoughts campaign will provide donations to charities that support those in need during this crucial period.”

To find out more about the Always In Our Thoughts campaign, visit

You can order some badges online by emailing the number you want, your full name, address, and phone number to

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