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Let’s Talk More #13 – Steve Walsh – Leicester City FC Ambassador

Every now and then, a football team gives us a legend. Someone that’s stuck with the team for years, and becomes a well-known name around the area. In the past few decades, Leicester City has produced some incredible players and phenomenal personalities. Fans will be well aware of the Leicester legend that is Steve Walsh, who played for LCFC between 1986 and 2000. Walsh captained the team a number of times during this long stretch and scored over 50 goals during his Foxes career.

Now, working with former teammate Muzzy Izzet, Steve runs The Advanced Football Development Academy. Steve said: “The idea is for students to play football and study for their BTEC level 3 diploma in sport. It’s a really good qualification for them to get after training with us. We’re in our eighth year now. It’s gone from strength to strength. We’ve got some good numbers that have been recruited for September when we start again, hopefully!

“It’s an online programme as well so it’s been okay for us other than that the lads have missed out on football. But they’ve been able to do their education which is the main thing really. They’ve come out with some very good grades, but the football’s been touch this last year. We’re hoping to resume soon and we’re opening a new one in Coalville. Muzzy is my partner in this and has been for a long time. We had a small kids academy but then went down the education route. This is now taking all of our time up! I can still be an ambassador for Leicester though — I can merge the two jobs together nicely. As you can imagine though, I’m getting quite busy with a lot of work!”

Hear all about Steve’s career highlights in his full interview on our Youtube channel.

Visit  to find out more about Steve and Muzzy’s football academy.


By Sam Ellison

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