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Let’s Talk More Episode 5 – Priti Coles, Therapist & Body Worker

In this episode, Romail Gulzar spoke to Priti Coles, a Therapist and Body Worker in Leicestershire. She talks all about her tumultuous life after rejecting her family’s culture whilst growing up and discusses the problems that are still plaguing some cultures today.

“My parents, not so much my mum, but my dad, just assumed that, as a girl, I was just chattel—that I didn’t have a brain. But the silly thing is that, out of my siblings, I am the one that has actually achieved more than my own brothers. I think because of my dad’s upbringing and his beliefs, it was basically to have a girl that was subservient.” Priti said.

There is understandably a lot of pain that comes with living a life of rejection by your own family. Priti said: “For me, my rebellion wasn’t against restrictions. For me, it was just to be loved for the person I was. All my life I looked for the love of my parents and I just wanted for them to just accept me for who I was, not as someone that would be a burden to them or that they would have to pay a dowry to send me off and forget about me, so I would become someone else’s problem.”

You can watch the full video below to find out more about Priti’s experience, and her profession which has helped her to cope with these challenges.


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