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A man has been jailed for six years after he violently attacked another man in Leicester last year.

Luke Taylor, 28, stabbed his victim – who was known to him, in the face and stomach in Conduit Street on the evening of August 10.

Picture: Leicestershire Police

Following the stabbing, he then kicked the victim several times while he lay on the ground, before fleeing the scene on foot.

However, following further enquiries – including viewing CCTV footage – he was arrested on August 14.

At an earlier court hearing Taylor, of no fixed abode, pleaded guilty to one count of causing grievous bodily harm and possession of an offensive weapon in a public place.

Today (Friday, May 27), at Leicester Crown Court, he was sentenced for his crimes.

He will serve an extended licence period of three years and is subject to a 10-year restraining order, prohibiting contact with the victim.

Detective Constable Andrew IInicki was the investigation officer.

He said: “The force has a zero-tolerance approach to knife crime and Taylor is a dangerous individual who is prepared to use a weapon if necessary.

“I’ve little doubt that he wanted to cause serious harm to his victim. I’m pleased he admitted his actions that evening and is now serving a significant custodial sentence. Most of all, I am relieved that this incident didn’t have far more devastating consequences.

“I hope Taylor takes time to reflect on the severity of what happened and that the sentence carried out today acts as a serious deterrent to anyone else who thinks carrying – and using – a knife to cause such harm is acceptable”.

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