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Meet Geoff Rowe – Pukaar Magazine Edition 17 Cover Star

Pukaar Magazine speaks to Geoff Rowe, Co Founder of Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival. Based in Leicester, it is the largest of it’s kind in England.


“It was a bit of an accident, there was never a master plan to keep it going for any long term, we just kept on doing it and it was great fun, it still is great fun”.

Reaching its 23rd birthday this year, the festival will take place at 65 venues, with an astonishing 700 comedians attending and performing.

Geoff speaks of his passion, why he created the show, and why he spent his younger years contacting potential venues, patrons, supporters, radio stations, newspapers and magazines, all to create what is now a thriving festival.


Pukaar Magazine Edition 17 COMING SOON


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