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A SPECIAL ‘Midnight Run’ is taking place through the streets of Leicester this weekend, to celebrate the city’s nocturnal life.

The ‘Leicester Midnight Run’ is set to take place on Friday, March 25- 26 between the hours of 6pm-12am.

Picture: The Leicester Midnight Run

The unique event will be facilitated by poet and Midnight Run artist Andy Craven-Griffiths, who will be joined in three local Leicester-based artists and three European guest artists.

The route has been kept secret to allow participants “a sense of adventure and exploration on the way.”

However it will journey past “iconic sites as well as lesser-known nooks and crannies of the city as we celebrate a return to cultural activity,” said a spokesman for the event.

“The Leicester Midnight Run route is kept secret so you can enjoy a sense of exploration on the way.

“Details will be revealed as you go, so you can enjoy a feeling of adventure!”

On its website, The Leicester Midnight Run is described as “an arts-filled, walking, night-time cultural journey through urban spaces.”

“It gathers participants and local artists together to explore, play and create, whilst the rest of the city sleeps. Each Run sees the creation of a small, mobile, night-time creative community made up of local artists and strangers, who come together for one night only to travel across a town or city, animating the public realm as they go.

“Participants are encouraged to talk, walk, share, play and connect with each other and engage with local artists through taking part in bespoke, cross-artform workshops in found locations en route.”

The Midnight Run (MNR) was established by poet and playwright Inua Ellams in 2005 and is now said to be one of the leading independent participatory arts models in the UK.

Tickets are £3 and spaces are limited.

Those who sign up, will be emailed the group’s meeting point prior to the event.

For more information, visit:

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