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Multi-Faith Gathering in Leicester to Celebrate Iftar Ahead of Eid

Dozens of people gathered together for Iftar in Leicester last night – the name of the meal eaten by Muslims at sunset to break their fast during Ramadan.

The event, which took place at Leicester’s Al Aqsa Community Centre, on Tuesday evening (April 18) was attended by members of the city’s various faith communities, as well as Police and other statutory authorities.

Picture Credit: Suleman Nagdi

Leicestershire Police Chief Constable Rob Nixon and Crime Commissioner Rupert Matthews were among those in attendance at the event, which involved the breaking and sharing of bread, ahead of Eid.

Currently, Eid is likely to fall on either April 20 or 21, as residents in Leicestershire prepare to celebrate.

The theme that followed during the evening, which was led by Moulana Khalid, was all around community cohesion. 

Suleman Nagdi, speaking as a independent member of the community, used the event as an opportunity to address the scenes of violence and disorder, which took place in the city late last year.

“Normally when we meet up for Iftar, we just have a general conversation about the faith and the importance of fasting.

“However, this time, as it was at the forefront of everybody’s mind what happened last year, I thought it was a great opportunity to highlight some of the issues and concerns,” he explained.

Picture Credit: Suleman Nagdi

“It is well documented that Leicester, is not only one of the most multi-cultural city in Britain but also that community relations in Leicester are strong.

“However, it is extremely sad that late last year we witnessed some ugly scenes of violence and disorder that took place in our city,” he added.

“For us, what happened last year was a shock and we need to address that and call for calm and consideration.

“There’s nothing that bonds people together like food. It’s one of those things which really brings people together, so last night was a great opportunity to speak on that, and I’m so glad that others followed suit.”

Picture Credit: Suleman Nagdi
Picture Credit: Suleman Nagdi
Picture Credit: Suleman Nagdi

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