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Pakistani Christian says he was attacked by Muslims

A Pakistani Christian from Derby, says he was attacked by Muslims because of his faith after they saw his car which had two poppies on it and a cross in the rear view mirror.

Tajamal Amar  was attacked last week which left him hospitalised.

Tajamal left Pakistan for Great Britain in 2007 and he feels he is not as safe, compared to when he first arrived.


Tajamal, spoke to Pukaar News:


“They hit me because of my faith, because I displayed two poppies on my car and a cross on my rear mirror.

“I fled Pakistan on that Great Britain would be the safest country in the whole wide world but I can see that Britain is getting more unsafe.”

Wilson Chowdhry, chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, said:

“It seems a very targeted approach simply because of this man’s outward impression of his faith.

“For the family of Tajamal, we are offering to relocate them and cover his lost wages.”

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