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Popular Hindu Orator Comes to Leicester

A Hindu orator with a huge global following is coming to Leicester later this week as part of a world tour of Ghar Sabha – his first visit to the UK since 2019.

Ghar Sabha, a congregation of devotees, holds immense significance in the Hindu community. It provides a platform for spiritual seekers to come together, share knowledge, and deepen their understanding of ancient scriptures.

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The event, which started during the pandemic and was broadcast as a live online event when devotees couldn’t gather, aims to foster a sense of unity, harmony, and spiritual growth among attendees.

Pujya Sadguru Swami Shree Nityaswarupdasji from Sardhardham will be at the Shree Hanuman Temple on 12thand 13th July where he will speak about the life and teachings of Lord Swaminarayan and the Hindu faith.

Secretary Rajesh Patel said: “We look forward to welcoming our esteemed guest who is renowned for his enlightening discourses and spiritual teachings.

“He commands a huge online following and our devotees feel honoured that he is coming to our Temple.

“He has guided countless individuals on their spiritual journeys, encouraging them to lead meaningful and purposeful lives.”

“We extend a warm invitation to everyone, irrespective of their backgrounds, to attend this divine event. Whether you are a regular devotee or simply curious about Hindu philosophy, the Ghar Sabha promises to be a memorable gathering filled with wisdom, devotion, and spiritual rejuvenation.”

Katha time, when the spiritual discourse will take place, will be from 7:00pm to 8:30pm.

Anyone who would like more information can contact the Shree Hanuman Temple on 0116 266 5717 or email

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