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A Leicester postmaster, who went “above and beyond” to help the community during the pandemic, has retired after 33 years of running her post office in Great Glen.

Sue Parkinson retired from her role today (Friday, April 22), a role she has enjoyed for 33 years. However, she has been helping out at the shop for much longer, helping out her father from the age of nine by delivering papers and telegrams.

Picture: Post Office

Her father bought the shop 64 years ago, and she took it over when he retired, despite having very different career plans.

“I went to university to qualify as a solicitor, and did that for years, but then my mother died, and my father fell ill. I knew the business, so I stepped in to keep it running until my father decided what to do. All these years later, I’m still here”, she said.

During her many years in charge, Sue said that the retail side of the business has changed a lot, from selling “almost everything, from wool to lightbulbs,” to its current iteration as a deli selling local produce.

However, she and her husband Graham want a change of pace and are looking for a smaller business, so have sold the shop. It will remain open as a post office.

“Over the years the village has grown, and we don’t know every customer anymore. But you’re still the hub – if somebody’s lost a dog or needs a new cleaning person, you’re the first place they come to”, she said.

“We’ve always been there to help people, and we’ll always make sure we’re doing the right thing for them. We’ve also had some amazing staff, some who have been here for decades and have become like family.

“I want to thank the community enormously for their support and friendship. You’re nothing unless you’ve got the customers and we’ve had the most wonderful customers over the years.”

Post Office Area Manager Caroline Witham-Grange thanked Sue for her huge length of service.

“Great Glen has been well served by Sue and Graham over the years, and I know they’ll be dearly missed”, he said.

“During the pandemic, they went above and beyond to support the community, doing what they could to make sure everyone was safe and had what they needed. Sue is a fantastic Postmaster and on behalf of Post Office, I want to thank her and wish her and Graham all the best.”

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