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PRESS RELEASE: Pukaar News joins forces with the Founder of Noida Film City



Pukaar News joins forces with the Founder of Noida Film City

Today, Leicester based news agency Pukaar News is pleased to announce that they will be teaming up with highly esteemed Bollywood film mogul and Founder of Noida Film City, Sandeep Marwah, to create opportunities for aspiring talent in Leicester. This new partnership will provide a platform for local people to forge careers amongst the cinematic greats in the largest film industry in the world – Bollywood.


Pukaar News Managing Editor, Romail Gulzar and Noida Film City Founder, Sandeep Marwah. Credit. Pukaar News
Pukaar News Managing Editor, Romail Gulzar and Noida Film City Founder, Sandeep Marwah. Credit. Pukaar News


Sandeep Marwah is an industry leader; a man who has been involved in the production and direction of films, television and theatre for the past 25 years. He is also the President and Founder of Marwah Studios based in Noida, India, a leading media and entertainment company that is home to world-class production facilities. Sandeep Marwah has been acclaimed for his work all over the world, and Pukaar News has recently honoured him with a Certificate of Recognition for his services to the industry.


Mr Marwah is keen to nurture the filmmakers of the future, and Marwah Studios training courses encompass Academies in areas such as Film, Television, Media Studies, Graphics, Animation and Business to inspire and educate the next generation.


Now that Sandeep has teamed up with Pukaar News, the people of Leicester and the UK will also have the chance to participate in this internationally-recognised training, opening up doors to them in a way that was previously unimaginable. The joint venture will develop three programmes including a Student Exchange Programme, a Faculty Exchange Programme and a Film Production Exchange Programme. This will mean that budding film and television makers can go out to Mr Marwah’s Studios in Noida to learn about the industry and get some hands-on experience in the real world of Bollywood.


Pukaar News will also be starting the search for a creative local individual from the arts, theatre, music, TV, media or film to get the once in a lifetime opportunity to produce and make their own documentary. The lucky winner will travel to India and have full use of Marwah Studios with access to all of the facilities and equipment that they require.


In a statement about this new partnership, Sandeep Marwah commented: “I enjoyed a wonderful visit to Leicester and I was so happy to meet Romail from Pukaar News because he understands my way of working and will help to drive my vision forward. I know that he will be able to pick talented people out of the crowd and identify potential filmmakers in Leicester. In the future we are even hoping to bring a feature film to this city with a huge premiere and an awards show.


“I am very excited about this venture because I believe that it will be the first time that Leicester and India will have a real partnership that will enable local people to forge their careers in Bollywood. There is a large Asian community in this area and as a result, I think Pukaar News and Marwah Studios will flourish together, which will make the Indian film industry even bigger, better and stronger.”


Managing Editor of Pukaar News Romail Gulzar said: “I met Sandeep about seven or eight years ago when I was a student at Marwah Studios. The experience and training I gained there was first class, and so now it is an honour to be able to work alongside Mr Marwah in this partnership that I feel will bring a lot of benefits to the people of Leicester and the UK. They will get the chance to experience the incredible studios in Noida and learn from the best in the filmmaking industry which is a really exciting prospect.”




Note to Editors


Sandeep Marwah is the Director of the Asian Academy of Film & Television & Asian School of Media Studies. He founded Marwah Studios Enterprise which is the biggest media network in North India and has trained over 10,000 students from 94 countries in the industries of film, television and media studies. He has helped to produce over 4500 television programmes and 125 feature films, as well as producing around 2000 short films, which is a record-breaking amount. Noida Film City is the fastest growing film city in the world.


Sandeep has recently gained a new record, by providing coverage of the Queen’s Commonwealth Baton Relay across 900 cities in India over 102 days. Marwah Studios has also collaborated with countries such as Poland, Hungary and Nigeria as the Indian film industry continues to expand.


Pukaar News is an independent local news agency and publication based in Leicester that covers local and international news. They provide footage to national broadcasters as well as across Europe, India and Pakistan including human interest, politics, community, sports and entertainment. Pukaar News has also produced documentaries including ‘Curve 5 Years On’ and ‘Life in Uganda’.


For more information please contact the Pukaar News Team at:


0845 500 5052


Or visit the Marwah Studios website:





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