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PRESS RELEASE: RB INFINITY INVESTMENT welcomes investors to Avalon Golf Estate Mauritius

Press Release


16th October 2015


RB INFINITY INVESTMENT welcomes investors to Avalon Golf Estate, Mauritius.


On Thursday 15th October 2015 RB Infinity Investment launched Avalon Golf Estate, an investment project that provides an opportunity for investors from overseas to buy villas in Mauritius.


RB Infinity
RB INFINITY INVESTMENT LTD welcomes investors to Avalon Golf Estate, Mauritius. Credit. Pukaar News


The launch was held at the prestigiously known Leicester restaurant Chutney Ivy where more than 30 local and national businesses attended.


RB Infinity will be opening Avalon Golf Estate located between Bois Cheri and Bois Sec in South Mauritius this November; a 6,200 metre long 18 hole-championship course which boasts a number of facilities including an onsite clubhouse, restaurant, heated swimming pool, and a variety of outdoor activities.


Alongside the golf course the development includes Carleon Village, which comprises of modern and clear-cut design villas, which investors can purchase from today.


The launch evening consisted of speeches made by Directors of RB Infinity Investment Bert Kee and Romail Gulzar.


Mr Gulzar said that he is excited to be bringing new and exciting business prospects from the locally based company to the people of Leicester and UK.


“RB Infinity is an amazing opportunity for people to invest overseas and I am proud to be bringing business to the residents of the city.”


“Mauritius is a beautiful place and the Avalon Golf Estate is a unique development that can provide plenty of benefits for families, couples, or individuals who may be looking for a piece of paradise.” He said.


RB Infinity Team
The RB Infinity Investment Team (L-R) Director Romail Gulzar, Project Manager Stephanie Hill, Director Bert Kee. Credit. Pukaar News


Director Bert Kee is thrilled with how the evening went and was warmed by the positive reactions that were presented by those that attended the launch.


“We had a great turn out at the evening and I am very happy with how it went, we spoke with our hearts.” He said.


Recently appointed Project Manager of RB Infinity Investment, Stephanie Hill, said that the response from the evening was extremely encouraging as she looks to promote a new lease of life for investors.


“We aren’t only trying to promote investment financially but we are also trying to promote an investment in a new lifestyle.


“Mauritius is known as a holiday destination but not as a lifestyle destination and this is what we believe should be promoted.” She said.


Many local and national businesses attended the evening showing a great deal of interest within the prospects of a new and developing overseas project.


Local architect, Minal Parmar, was among the attendees and described the development as interestingly different.


“What was appealing to me was the return you get from your investment, this is something that I will definitely be looking into further.” She said.


Leicester business owner, Jaffer Kapasi, has been captivated by the project and urges people to enquire.


“Avalon’s cost is very minimal and the island project does provide you with what you really want.


The location is perfect, it is close to the airport, close to the sea, and the beautiful beaches.” He said.


Among the guests at the evening was Cader Hossenally from the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority who is looking forward to welcoming people to the island.


“ Mauritius is a multi-national and multi-cultural island with over one million visitors each year.


“Once people visit for their first time they always want to come back!” he said.



About RB Infinity Investment


RB Infinity Investment is a leading overseas property investment company established in 2015 in the Midlands with the company’s head office based in Leicester.


The team at RB Infinity Investment specialises in bringing high-quality overseas villas to a range of investors from all over the world.


The expert team at RB Infinity Investment will guide you through the process of investing and no matter if you are an experienced investor or first time buyer the team will tailor opportunities to your needs.


The team specializes in factors that affect investment such as national and international property markets, and legal and cultural issues, to ensure that they create the best property purchase experience for you.







Notes to Editors:


Development work is still undergoing with a completion date set within February 2017.


For more information on the benefits of the investment please check out the website:




For more information and villa prices please visit the website on


Twitter: @RBInvestment


Facebook: RB Infinity Investment LTD


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