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Race Against The Odds

Official announcement that Leicester- based companies Anand International Ltd and Daewoo International (Europe) Ltd are official partners and sponsors of the Somalian team for London 2012

A Leicester company is to sponsor the Somali Olympic team, who have to dodge bullets and navigate armed roadblocks to get to training.


Their national stadium has been the scene of suicide bombings and every day they run the ‘road of death’ – the main thoroughfare through Mogadishu.


Somalia’s National Olympic Committee (SNOC) today announces that their Official Partners for the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics Games are Anand International and Daewoo International (Europe), headed by Leicester entrepreneur Kulvinder S Sethi.


Kulvinder, known as Vic Seth, says:  ‘I am pleased to support the people of Somalia, as humanity is what we believe in and promoting Leicester is our aim.


‘Leicester is a vibrant multicultural city, where people live in peace and harmony.  We shall do our level best in getting the athletes support in their quest for glory.


‘We look forward to receiving the athletes in the UK and wish them good luck and hope they make their country proud of them by winning loads of medals.’


Vic is the former agent of England and Sussex cricketer Monty Panesar who arranged for him to take part in the baton relay during the launch of the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games.  He is a Sikh who was born in India and migrated to Kuwait with his parents when he was very young.


The family business runs under the name Anand International Ltd. founded by Mr Rajwans Singh Anand and Daewoo International Europe which are managed by Jay Anand, Babu Anand, Vic Sethi and the rest of the family.


The family company – distributes premium brand electronics to high street retailers, supermarkets and government organisations – in 1981 and Vic came to live in Britain during the 1990 invasion of Kuwait.


He says, ‘I have been handed the baton of corporate responsibility but whatever I do represents my whole family including my wife Dimple and all our members of staff.


The secret of the success in life is the blessings of the Almighty, elders, parents and well wishers. Also the support of the joint family and the team in the company play a major role towards the success of the companies.


‘Most companies would like to sponsor high profile teams of powerful countries, but I believe that there are countries which are more in need of support.  The athletes have this one great opportunity to stand, compete and represent their country, but in order to do this they need a helping hand.’


Vic was awarded Businessman of the Year in 2010 by the then Foreign Secretary David Milliband, won the Industry Award in 2008 and received The Pride of India award for his work for the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games and for other community work around the world.  He sits on the boards of The Prince’s Trust and Crimestoppers and works for several charities.


His parents educated their children in convent schools as they wanted them to grow up respecting people of every religion.  The idea was that the children would adopt the Indian culture at home and living in an Arab country would learn Arabic and about Islam; so sending them to convent school would educate them about Christianity. Vic also says that “I am proud to be the son/son in law of the legend Mr Rajwans Singh Anand, who is well known not just in UK but around the world and his principles keep us going successfully in life”


Anyone who would like to support the Somalian Olympic team can contact Vic by email: or

For further details please log on to and



Available for interview: 

Doran Farah, President of the Somalia National Olympics Committee based in London


A Mohammed (Saneey),  board member of the SNOC based in Leicester


Vic Sethi, of Anand International Ltd and  Daewoo International (Europe) Ltd


Steve White, whom Vic Sethi has recommended to sit on the board of the SNOC


CIIr Abdul Osman, whom Vic Sethi has recommended to sit on the board of the SNOC.


For further information please contact Pukaar News, Press, on 0845 500 5052 or Vic Seth on 07867523707.


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