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Ibrahim Bonsu, President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association of Leicester, signs the book of condolences. Picture: Pukaar News

The Baitul Ikram Mosque in Clarendon Park hosted an event to pay tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II last night.

Organised by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association in Leicester, the evening offered the chance for people to reflect on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and talk about her legacy.

Attendees spoke of their own memories of Her Majesty, sharing their encounters with her and the person she was.

There was also a minute’s silence, while a book of condolences was available to sign.

Chair of the Leicestershire Faith Forum Resham Singh Sandhu signing the book of condolences. Picture: Pukaar News

Attendees included Resham Singh Sandhu, Chair of the Leicestershire Faith Forum, and Sgt. Adam Ahmed, who represented Leicestershire Police at the event.

“As members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, we have had the privilege of a peaceful atmosphere in which to practise our religion during her reign,” said Ibrahim Bonsu, President, Ahmadiyya Muslim Association of Leicester. “Within the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, wherever we are around the world, we always hold the monarch or leader in high regard.”

Ibrahim Bonsu and Sgt. Adam Ahmed at the event. Picture: Pukaar News

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association has a long history of honouring the British Monarchy. During celebrations for the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria, the association’s founder Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad wrote a book titled ‘Tohfa-e-Qaisariyyah’, which translates as ‘A Gift for the Queen’.

With Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, it is very important that we host an event to honour her, and also pledge our allegiance to the new King Charles III,” said Bonsu. “Queen Elizabeth II was welcoming with all communities during her reign, irrespective of race, background or colour. This was not only within the United Kingdom, but all around the world. Wherever she went, she brought love and justice, and she had love for everybody.”

“These are values which we should inculcate to our children and try to bring about community cohesion across all groups. These values of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is something we cherish and must pass on to future generations.”

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