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Richard III Website Launched and Reburial Plans Outlined


Leicester Cathedral has launched a new website today outlining the story of Richard lll and his 500 year place in Leicester’s history.


The Bishop and Dean of Leicester have stated their passionate desire to see that the mortal remains of the King are treated with dignity and honour and are reburied as soon as possible in the city.  The website is a resource for the facts about Richard lll and Leicester, and includes a short video, facts and fictions about the story.


Also revealed for the first time is an outline of how the Cathedral plans to manage the reburial itself, providing all approvals are given. The emphasis will be on a Christian treatment of the remains of a Christian monarch, who had a burial 500 years ago and will now be laid to a more fitting and abiding rest. A process is outlined involving four stages to take place within the Cathedral. This will begin with the initial Reception of the remains, followed by a period of Repose and public paying of respect, then the Reburial itself in a below ground vault, to be completed by the Reveal of the full tomb, once put in place.


Dean of Leicester, The Very Rev David Monteith said “Nothing is going to take King Richard III away from Leicester, hes in the soil of Leicester, hes embedded in the story of Leicester and its people”


He added “It seemed to us very important to remind people that we are still working hard to make preparations for the reinterment and important that we said clearly why we believe that it right that he is buried here”

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