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Katherine Ryan, the queen of sassy straight-talking comedy graced the stage at De Montfort Hall last night, as part of Leicester’s annual Comedy Festival, drawing laughs from a packed and eager crowd.

The Canadian comedian delighted comedy goers with her new stand-up show ‘Missus’, which sees her discuss her recent marriage to childhood sweetheart ‘Bobby’, and share many hilarious and sharp-witted insights about their relationship, and their new baby ‘Fred.’

Picture Credit: What’s On Stage

Walking on to the stage in a pale blue full-length gown, and a glittering headpiece, the comic certainly made an impression as soon as she arrived – and that was before she even opened her mouth.

There were cries of ‘Let it Go’ as audience members likened her appearance to that of Queen Elsa, from the popular children’s movie ‘Frozen.’

However, as Katherine put it (via sharp insight from her teenage daughter), “Mummy why are you dressed as the statue of liberty in drag?” – an insight which is spot on and totally hilarious.

Her voice and her presence is captivating, and she moves around the stage in a theatrical and dramatic fashion, sharing stories, which are brash, intimate (and often vulgar). That’s why the audience love her of course. She dares to go where others won’t, and isn’t afraid to tell it how it is.

In her comedy, Katherine strikes the perfect balance between being strong, confident, and at times brutal in her ice-cold execution, whilst also endearing the audience with spells of modesty, and warm vulnerability.

She makes jokes about her appearance, marking herself as a solid ‘six out of ten’ in the looks department, (and that’s with all the plastic surgery).

Her husband Bobby is ‘way hotter’ she declares, boasting about his shirtless antics – which include mowing the lawn (almost constantly it seems). Not that she’s complaining.

Even though she’s now a ‘Missus’, Katherine is still a proud feminist at heart she tells the audience, and a lot of her act is based around empowering women and urging them not to settle in their lives – their careers and their relationships.

In the same way you wouldn’t go shopping for food when you are hungry, don’t go shopping for a man to marry until you’ve had your fill, she declares (I’m paraphrasing here).

You’ll end up putting everything in the trolley – misogynists, narcissists, serial killers. You get the idea.

It’s a hilarious insight which almost feels like advice from an old (and super cool friend). And Katherine Ryan is definitely someone I’d want to be friends with.

Making me smile from ear to ear throughout her entire performance, Katherine’s new routine is high energy, no nonsense, super fun and worth every penny.

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