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AN important new gallery dedicated to the environmental challenges of life on Earth is set to open at Leicester’s National Space Centre this Spring.

The interactive environment-themed display, named ‘Home Planet’, is set to open at the attraction in March.

The main show will introduce the theme of rising global temperatures with a timelapse running from pre-industrial times through to present day. As the video plays, a giant thermometer in the area near the audience responds according to the temperature portrayed at points during the show

The exhibition also will feature an interactive projection floor featuring ice, water, and sea creatures that respond to visitor movements, whilst a large screen above displays the many wonderful habitats and forms of life on our home planet.

Kevin Yates, head of exhibitions at the National Space Centre, said that the exhibition aimed to tell the story of the human impact on Earth, and to inspire visitors?to consider how we can all live more harmoniously with our home in space.

“We’re hoping the exhibition will present to people how fragile and precious our home planet is, and also to look at the sort of decisions that we can make both as individuals and collectively to try and ensure a better future for ourselves and all life on earth,” he told Pukaar News.

“However, what we wanted to do was show people that it’s not all on their shoulders. Often the way that the subject of climate change is presented is that it’s all for the individual to do, but actually the real change will come systematically.

“When we vote with the ballot box, we vote with our wallet and when we spend money on green products, it encourages manufacturers and more people to go into providing those products for us.”

Work on the exhibition began on January 10 thanks to essential funding from the Severn Trent Community Fund.

Sue Heyes, Community Fund Officer from Severn Trent, said that the company was proud to support the latest Space Centre initiative.

“It’s a great project that we’re proud to support through our Community Fund, because of the strong focus it has on protecting the environment,” she said.

“As a water and waste company that’s quite literally plumbed into the natural environment, it’s an issue we feel extremely passionate about.”

To find out more about the exhibition, visit:

Picture: National Space Centre

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