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Strong Evidence that Leicester Skeleton could be Richard III


Archaeologists who have been searching for the lost grave of King Richard III in Leicester have unearthed a skeleton with a metal arrow in its back which they believe could be the remains of the medieval monarch.


The University of Leicester is leading the archaeological search and over the past two weeks, the team has made other major discoveries at the site including:


  • determining the site of the site of the medieval Franciscan friary known as Grey Friars


  • finding the eastern cloister walk and chapter house


  • locating the site of the church within the friary


  • uncovering the lost garden of former Mayor of Leicester, Alderman Robert Herrick . revealing medieval finds that include inlaid floor tiles from the cloister walk of the friary, paving stones from the Herrick garden, window tracery, elements of the stained glass windows of the church and artefacts including, amongst others, a medieval silver penny and a stone frieze believed to be from the choir stalls



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