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A SWISS rock band are set to travel over 600 miles in order to play a gig in a small Leicestershire town next month.

The 05:40’s will be playing at Coalville’s Victoria’s Bikers’ Pub on Friday, February 25, bringing with them their own international brand of indie rock.

Picture: The 05:40’s

The band, who specialise in melodic indie rock music, are based in French speaking Switzerland and are taking their first British tour to grassroots venues around England.

“Swiss music doesn’t have the biggest pro?le in the UK, but The 05:40s is aiming to change all that,” said Julian Anthony, the The 05:40s keyboard player, vocalist and songwriter.

“We’re serious enough about our ?rst gigs outside Switzerland to be travelling 600 miles to the UK with a self-funded tour, so British audiences can see us in person.”

“The ‘Britpop’ sound of the 1990s has always been a big in?uence on me, as well as this, our music has been in?uenced by living in the Montreux area of Switzerland on the shores of Lake Geneva, which has been a muse for artists including David Bowie, Queen and Deep Purple,”  added Julian, who was born and brought up in Derbyshire and moved to Switzerland in 2014.

Fresh from recording their well-received EP of original music, ‘Hidden in Plain Sight,’ the band from the Vaud region of Switzerland have organised a tour that takes in British cities and towns with a strong musical legacy, including London, Coventry and Manchester and of course Stoke.

The Coalville gig is set to take place at the Victoria Biker’s Pub at 8pm.

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