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Professor Paul Boyle, Leicester’s President and Vice-Chancellor, has been joined the board of the European University Association (EUA), reinforcing the University’s international standing and maintaining a vital link with higher education in Europe at a critical time given the Brexit decision.

The result was announced at the EUA’s annual conference taking place this week in Bergen (Norway).

Photo Credit: University of Leicester

The EUA is the largest and most comprehensive organisation representing over 800 universities across Europe. Seventeen million students are enrolled at EUA member universities. As the voice of Europe’s universities EUA supports and takes forward the interests of individual institutions and the higher education sector as a whole.

The election of Professor Boyle to its board reflects Leicester’s wide-ranging impact on the international stage and will help establish vital links and collaborations with Europe in the run-up to Brexit.

Professor Boyle said: “I am pleased to have been elected onto the EUA’s board. The EUA plays a vital role representing universities across 47 countries.

“It is more important than ever that we build on the strong university networks and links we have with European partners. The election of a UK-based member of the board highlights how keen our European colleagues are to continue collaborating with the UK’s higher education sector. Continued research collaboration with European partners is vitally important due to the quality and impact of this work.

“The EUA also has a vital role to play in protecting university independence, academic freedom and free speech, and will be a strong voice arguing for continued scientific collaboration between the UK and the rest of Europe.”

Formerly, Professor Boyle was President of Science Europe, which was a Brussels-based organisation representing over 50 European funding agencies, with an annual turnover of around €30 billion.

He is currently Chair of the Scottish Science Advisory Council, which is Scotland’s highest level science advisory body; a Board Member of Universities UK, who provide leadership and support to executive heads of 133 UK University institutions; and a Council Member and Trustee of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, which has over 500 member institutions in 37 Commonwealth countries.

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