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LEICESTER is being painted green today in celebration of St Patrick’s Day.

The annual event, which takes place today (March 17), is a cultural and religious celebration, which remembers the death of Saint Patrick – the foremost patron saint of Ireland.

Traditional Irish pubs around the city, including O’Neills, Duffy’s Bar and Paddy’s Marten Inn, will be in full spirits throughout the day, with patrons sporting shamrocks and plenty of green – the traditional colour of the occasion.

Pints of Irish beer and whiskey are also set to go down a treat throughout the day.

“It’s been three years since we’ve had our last big Saint Patrick’s Day, and we’re expecting a lot of people to be coming out and having some fun,” said Ian Whiley, general manager at O’Neills pub, Leicester.

“We’re expecting queues of people coming into the pub as the day progresses,” he added.

“This is the day we pick out – it’s like our Christmas – great fun, great atmosphere – lots of people just out having a good craic!”

Picture: Pukaar News

Asked his opinion on why Saint Patrick’s Day is such a popular event, Mr Whiley said that it it just seems to be one of those happy days where “everybody has a smile on their face”.

“I’m really excited. It’s been too long since we had a really good St Patrick’s Day,” he added.

St Patrick’s Day festivities will be taking place throughout the day at O’Neills, with live music taking place from 4pm.

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