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A CHARITY music event has raised £1,360 in memory of a Leicester woman who died after a car ploughed into her while she was standing at a bus stop.

The all day ‘Leic-Ska’ event was held last Saturday (February 12), in memory of Annette Booth, who died in September 2018, after being struck by a car as she stood beside her husband at a bus stop on the A50, in Woodgate.

Mrs Booth was 57 when she died at the hands of drunk driver Edgars Grisulis, who reversed into her at a speed of 28 mph.

Picture: Steve Booth

Her husband Steve organised the weekend’s music event at New Parks Social Club, raising a total of £1,360 for RoadPeace – a charity designed to support road crash victims.

A selection of ska and reggae bands performed during the event, which started at 12 noon and finished at midnight.

“It was unbelievable – the atmosphere and the quality of the artists surpassed all my expectations,” Mr Booth told Pukaar News.

“There must have been 300 people and they came from as far away as Scotland and Newcastle,” he added.

“I was overwhelmed and completely humbled to be a part of something so special and I could imagine Annette dancing away up there – she would have loved it.”

Popular bands including ‘The Lily Ayers’ and ‘The Moochers’ took the time to perform, adding to positive “sky high energy” of the day.

Saturday’s event was such a success that it is set to take place again next year, but over the course of an entire weekend, revealed Steve, who has been working closely with RoadPeace since the death of Annette -his wife of 19 years.

Picture: Steve Booth

He says that the charity gave him invaluable support following the trauma of her death, and what is known as “survivor’s guilt.”

Through their support group, he has been able to find a measure of peace and acceptance in coming to terms with her tragic death.

Fundraising is something he wants to do in order to give back to the RoadPeace cause.

“I’m determined to make sure my wife is not just another victim number and I’d like to raise money and awareness for the charity in memory of her,” he said.

“She was my soulmate and when she died, a massive part of me died that night. But I’ll fight with every breath in my body to make sure she’s never forgotten.” 

To find out more about Roadpeace, visit:

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