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A CHARITY golf day is taking place in memory of talented young golfer from Leicester, who passed away unexpectedly at the age of 13.

The event is taking place on April 12 in memory of Elexis Brown, who died last August 8.

All proceeds from the day will be given to the ‘Elexis Brown Golf Foundation,’ a charity set up by Elexis’ family in order to help promising young golfers achieve their potential, regardless of their financial and personal circumstances.

Elexis first picked up a golf club at the age of seven and showed amazing promise right away, according to her father Ben Peters, who is a keen golfer himself.

According to Mr Peters, Elexis quickly overtook him in terms of both skills and talent, securing her first official handicap by the age of eight.

Image: The Elexis Brown Golf Foundation

“She was amazing. I know everyone says that about their daughter, but she really was,” Mr Peters told Pukaar News.

“She was tipped for the top, but she wasn’t arrogant about it and she didn’t show off. She was really modest and would get shy when people would watch her tee off. But they’d all want to watch because of how brilliant she was.

“Her whole life was golf,” he revealed.

“She just loved it so much and that’s why we set up the ‘Elexis Brown Golf Foundation’ in her name because I know that’s what she’d have wanted.

“Elexis was not from a middle-class background and worked extra hard to achieve what she did in such a small amount of time,” he added.

“We know golf is an elite sport where certain talented children remain under the radar and the ‘Elexis Brown Golf Foundation’ is working to help address that.”

Following years of hard work and coaching, Exexis was lucky enough to become a member at Woodhall Spa Golf Club, in Lincoln, which is the home of England Golf.

She joined the club in October 2019, managing to bring her handicap down to 8.5 at the age of 13, and going on to play for the Lincolnshire county girls’ team.

Last year, she was crowned the under 14 Lincolnshire county champion.

“We were so proud of Elexis and I know that she knew that,” said Mr Peters, who lives in the Western Park area of Leicester.

“She had such a strong, confident personality, and was a role model to the younger golfers and also to me,” he said.

“Setting up the foundation has been like a therapy for me and keeping Elexis’ memory alive has helped me to deal with the devastation of losing her.

“I just hope I can make her as proud of me as I was of her.”

The Elexis Brown Foundation’s charity golf day will take place at Stonebridge Golf Club from 11am on April 12.

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By Louise Steel

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