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Abandoned Horses in Leicester Reaching ‘Crisis Point’

Carole Fielding who runs Pablo’s Horse Sanctaury in Long Clawson, Leicestershire, says the situation with abandoned horses is reaching crisis point.



She has been looking after abandoned animals for over 30 years and has been running Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary since 2003, where there are currently 90 horses.


She said, “we are now past capacity, we are just chock-a-block, I get calls on average about 3 times a week from people wanting me to take their horse because they can longer keep them”


“The bottom has fallen out of the horse market, there was loads of over breeding, and there are now hundreds and hundreds of unwanted horses being dumped and abandoned on the sides of the roads, on gold courses, on school play grounds”


“all the calls i get are mainly from people in and around Leicester”


The RSCPA says the number of horses and ponies being dumped across the East Midlands has reached crisis point.


Comparing figures from 2009 and 2013 – 400% more animals were abandoned in Derbyshire, going from 5 to 25.


Lincolnshire saw a 333% rise, while In Leicestershire 7 horses were found in 2009, and 19 were rescued in 2013.


In Nottinghamshire there was a 110% rise since the start of what the RSPCA calls a crisis.

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