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Leicester’s Indian Visa Centre Open 5 Days a Week

The Indian visa centre at the Peepul Centre in Leicester is now open 5 days a week from today.


Leicester East MP, Keith Vaz was at the centre today to launch the extended 5 day service which now offers more services for customers across the East Midlands, including a full range of Visa, OCI and Indian Passport services, including an online appointment system.



Mr Vaz said: “We have been campaigning for this centre for almost 20 years, we had the pilot which opened every Friday, but now all the services can be provided here, so its a great day for all of us in Leicester, and it puts Leicester on the map in terms of the rest of the country, there are only 14 of these centres”


“It means you don’t have to travel to Birmingham, you don’t have to get parking tickets outside the centre in Birmingham, you don’t have to go to London, you can just come here, you can get it done in a very efficient time, you have wonderful staff here who will be able to deal with these issues very successfully”


“All the services you’ll get from the Indian High Commission you will now get here, you couldn’t get a visa here previously, you could apply, and a week later the visa would come back, now everything is available here”


A 20-year campaign to establish a Visa Centre in Leicester came to an end in December 2013 when the centre initially opened at the Peepul Centre, once a week each Friday between 10am-2pm.


Mr Vaz added, “Hundreds of people have already used these services in Leicester. Thousands more will now do so. Leicester will become the hub for these services for the whole of the East of England.”


For more information please visit: or call 0203 695 8996

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