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Young Survivor of Pakistan School Massacre Treated in Birmingham

The father of a boy who survived a Taliban attack on a Pakistani army school by pretending to be dead, speaks to Pukaar News about his son’s ordeal.


The Nawaz family are struggling to deal with the loss of one of their sons in the terrorist attack. 13 year old Haris Nawaz was shot through the head and Ahmad Nawaz, the eldest son, was severely injured when terrorists massacred many Pakistani schoolchildren at the school.  Their youngest son was not at the school.


“We have lost one of our son, Haris, and second one is badly injured here in hospital. You cannot feel the pain. Without Haris our life is incomplete and we are incomplete without Haris,” said his father.



Ahmad’s critical gunshot wounds meant that his arm needed amputating. The Pakistani government offered the family funds in order for their son to fly to The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham for the medical treatment he desperately needed.


“Ahmad say that we all of the students, a lot of we lay down on the ground, so the terrorists went through row by row and hitted one by one through their heads. When the terrorists come towards him, so their face and head were hide behind the chairs. So, the terrorists hit him by bullet through the arm.”


“One bullet hit by his left arm, and all of the nerves had been cut, and bones were break so the Queen Elisabeth doctors before four five days of operations, they connect the nerves and connect the bone through metal plates.”


As well as his physical wounds, Ahmad told his father about the atrocious incidents that he witnessed, including seeing his schoolmates and teachers made to lie on the ground to be shot. To escape being killed, Ahmad pretended to be dead.


Mohammed Nawaz, Ahmad’s father, says that despite the situation, his son is attempting to remain optimistic and achieve his dreams.


“They encourage, he is not discouraged after this incident and he is very hopeful that he will continue his education and he never fear the terrorist. He has a message to all the innocent students of the world, that they should continue their education.”


An event was held on Saturday in Birmingham to commemorate the victims of the Pakistani terrorist attack and to condemn those who carried out the killings of so many men, women and children.

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