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Event in Birmingham to Remember Victims of Peshawar School Attack

One year on from the Peshawar School attack, a special event took place in Birmingham to remember the victims and to support survivors who are still living with horrific memories of the massacre.


On December 16, over 140 children and teachers were killed when the Taliban attacked an army public school in Peshawar, Pakistan.



Two survivors Ahmad Nawaz and Muhammad Ibrahim Khan attended the memorial service which was organised by Nobel Peace Prize winner, Malala Yousafzai, who lives and attends school in Birmingham.


The event entitled Poppies for Peace in Peshawar encouraged attendees to wear white poppies in support of world peace.


Malala told Pukaar News, “We are here in remembrance and to salute their parents for their bravery, to salute the children for their bravery, but also to call on people from around the world that we must unite in this fight for education and peace”


She also spoke about if she thought the Pakistani government were doing enough to combat extremism, “In Pakistan the government did introduce a national action plan and did focus on the military operation, but they did not give enough attention and enough time to the education, which is the only way in which we can defeat the ideology of terrorism”


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