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Annual Christmas Drink Drive Campaign Launched by Leicestershire Police


Leicestershire Police are coming down hard on those drivers who would consider putting others lives at risk during the festive period.


As part of their bi-annual Fatal Enforcement Clinic, held during the summer and the Christmas period, county police have been tackling the four main causes of road accidents. The failure to wear a seat belt, using a mobile phone while driving, speeding and drink driving.


It is this last one, drink driving that is the biggest concern right now in the run up to the festive period. As Chief Inspector Steven Potter of Leicestershire Constabulary states: “There is no way of telling if having a drink will put you over the limit.”


The main advice for those attending parties and functions at Christmas is to find alternative methods of transport home if you are going to drink, or to allot a designated driver in your party. Every month throughout Leicestershire, over 100 drink drivers are caught by police.

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