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Rate Leicestershire Police on New Online Feedback Tool

Starting from today people in Leicestershire will be able to post online reviews of their experience of dealing with local police, on a new online tool.


Called Rate your Local Police, the system enables people to log on and feedback on any interaction they’ve had with the Force based on a five star rating – similar to TripAdvisor. There is also space for the public to provide additional comments and information.



Leicestershire Police is the first force in the country to develop and roll out the system, which was created to enhance public confidence in policing, help identify any areas for improvement and provide another way for people to get in touch.


Chief Constable Simon Cole said: “firstly people will get the opportunity to share their feedback, I get a lot really positive feedback about how we go about how we go about our business and we do get people who aren’t happy with our service, so it will mean we have date that will geographically based which might be about a particular area, or it might be about the way we do something, about how we answer calls or how our follow up is, so it will give us more data about that and that means we can change it and respond to what local people think”


Police and Crime Commissioner Sir Clive Loader said: “the more people that give feedback, then the better the force eventually will become”


“initially at least perhaps more people will be inclined when they have been dissatisfied,  when things are good the force needs to know about that as well, when something happens well, then we can reinforce it and spread it”


Rate your Local Police has been designed specifically for leaving feedback and is not a forum for people to make formal complaints. These still have to be submitted via the website or in writing.


Anyone who has recently dealt with the police can rate the service they’ve received at

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